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Foundation Committees


Fund Raising Committee

The Fund Raising Committee's function is to involve individuals, organizations, and area businesses in helping to support the Foundation through giving donations of money, property, or services. This Committee also seeks funds from other foundations and charitable organizations around the country to help support the students and faculty of Fluvanna County.


Community Relations Committee

The objective of the Community Relations Committee is to raise awareness of the Fluvanna Education Foundation within all areas of the community. This involves working with area businesses, churches, and other organizations to educate all members of Fluvanna County, and surrounding counties, about what benefits the Foundation brings to the community.


Grant Development Committee

The Grant Development Committee has two primary responsibilities. One is to work with educators and students requesting funding by analyzing the financial requirements of funding requests to determine the extent to which the Fluvanna Education Foundation can assist the need, as well as working to find other sources of funding for the request by assisting with writing grants to other institutions. The other responsibility of this committee is developing criteria for awarding scholarships to students moving on to advanced education, as well as reviewing applications for scholarships, and selecting the recipients of the scholarships.






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