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What is the Fluvanna Education Foundation?

The Fluvanna Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization developed for the following purposes:

  • To promote the advancement and further the aims and purposes of the Fluvanna County Public Schools, through the development and application of financial resources to the programs of such systems and through such other activities as are suited to that end,

  • To further the educational opportunities for the administrators, teachers, and pupils of the Fluvanna County Public Schools,

  • To develop and promote interest in education,

  • To stimulate school administration and teaching, and

  • To accept, administer, apply, and use money, property, or services acquired by gift, grant, devise, bequest, or otherwise in accordance with any of the purposes and objects of this foundation.


Our Mission

"The Fluvanna Education Foundation, operating independently from the Fluvanna County Public Schools, is committed to being the primary private sector partner to create a broader horizon of opportunities for students and staff."


Our Goals

  • Invest in a continuing vision of excellence by serving as the legal non-profit body to solicit and receive tax deductible funds.

  • Strengthen and support innovative education programs which directly benefit our students and staff.

  • Build business and community partnerships that support the development of our schools.






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